Weekly Update, January 13, 2020

Hi Parents,

Our class website (https://thirdgradeb.stmarym.org/) is newly updated to show our list of my spelling words with two groups in our class. We pretest on Monday, and then based on how they do, they are have list 1 (cream sheet) or list 2 (gold sheet) to study. This week we plan to do test 16 on Thursday.

Students will be taking multiplication timed tests starting this week. They will be tested on 0, 1, and 2 multiplied through 12 on Thursday. Based on how they do they will be moved to the next tests or retest. We will continue testing for a couple months and celebrate with a Multiplication Sundae Party! Thank you for supporting them while they memorize their multiplication facts. Flash cards are quick, but they most likely be more motivated to use a computer, like xtramath.org, where they already have an account.

Let me know if you have any questions. God Bless!

Mrs. Jennifer Stemerick

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Melissa Morrier-Turk

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